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TUF 1 Vet Alex Schoenauer Shot With Assault Rifle in TV Audition Gone Wrong

A pro stuntman claims he was shot in the back with live ammunition from a semi-automatic assault rifle while auditioning for a role in a TV show ... and shocker, he's pissed.

The man behind the lawsuit is Alex Schoenauer -- a former MMA fighter who famously appeared on Season 1 of UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter" where he fought (and lost to) Forrest Griffin.

Schoenauer is a stuntman now but things went horribly awry for him during a Sept. 2018 audition for JMP Productions, which makes action shows like "SEAL Team" and "S.W.A.T."

According to the suit, Schoenauer's audition called for him to burst through a door with a stuntwoman at the Oak Tree Gun Club in SoCal while both carrying semi-automatic assault rifles.

Problem is Schoenauer claims the guns were loaded with live ammo -- and when the stuntwoman fired her gun, he was blasted through the upper back.


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