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UFC Lawsuit Documents Show Potential PPV Paydays For Top 19 Events

Thanks to the UFC Anti-Trust Lawsuit — which sees former fighters suing ZUFFA LLC over their claims that the corporation is running a monopsony within mixed martial arts — we are learning new and detailed information about the way the UFC has conducted business over the past few decades.

Some of the most revealing details come courtesy of previously redacted passages from an expert report composed by Hal J. Singer, an expert witness for the Plaintiffs. Passages from Singer’s report come to us thanks to Jason Cruz, of MMAPayout and Bloody Elbow’s ‘Show Money’ podcast (hosted alongside John S. Nash and Paul Gift).

One of the more interesting snippets from Singer’s report details the UFC’s system for paying fighters’ based on the performance of pay-per-views they appear on. It has long been known that champion UFC fighters might earn a percentage of PPV buys, but the formula by which this is calculated has seldom been explained.


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