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When Kurt Angle Held All the Gold - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. Today, we head back to No Surrender 2007 where the Champion of Champions Kurt Angle had to compete three times in one night!

At MPACT Wrestling's Victory Road 2007 pay-per-view, World Champion Kurt Angle teamed with X-Division Champion Samoa Joe to defeat Tag Team Champions Team 3D in a battle of champions. Whoever took the pinfall would lose their title to the person that pinned them! Samoa Joe ended up pinning Brother Ray in an instant-classic, claiming the tag belts for him and his partner, Angle. One month later at the Hard Justice pay-per-view event, Kurt Angle renewed his rivalry with Samoa Joe in a Winner Take All Match with the World, X-Division and Tag Team Championships all at stake! After a controversial finish with interference from Karen Angle, Kurt defeated Samoa Joe in yet another historic clash between the two. Kurt Angle held all the gold in IMPACT Wrestling. Naturally, pay-per-views would usually feature all of IMPACT Wrestling's championships being defended. That meant that one month later at No Surrender 2007, Kurt Angle would have to defend all three of his championships in three separate matches!

First up, Angle was forced to team with Sting, who won a qualifying match to become Angle's partner, with the tag titles on the line – their opponents, R-Truth and Adam “Pacman” Jones! It was clear from the outset that Angle and Sting were not going to get along. Karen Angle claimed that Sting attacked her during the match and there was a dispute between Kurt and Sting whether or not it was intentional. Eventually, Angle reached his boiling point and unjustly clobbered Sting from behind! This allowed Team Pacman to score the victory and the Tag Team Championships!

Later in the night, it was time for Angle to defend the X-Division Championship. Fan-favourite and former X-Division Champion Jay Lethal would earn a shot at the strap. Lethal stood toe-to-toe with the Olympic Gold Medalist and didn't miss a step. After a fast-paced contest, Lethal shocked the world and rolled up Angle out of nowhere to win the match and the X-Division Championship! Two matches down and two titles lost for Kurt Angle. He wasn't off to a great start, and his biggest challenge of the night was still ahead of him.

In the main event of No Surrender 2007, Kurt Angle was set to defend his lone-remaining title, the World Championship, against none other than “The Monster”, Abyss. There was no question that Abyss had a huge advantage going into the contest. After all, Angle had already competed twice earlier in the night and Abyss was fresh! It appeared as though there was no hope in sight for Kurt Angle. He had walked into No Surrender 2007 with all of IMPACT Wrestling's championships and he was about to leave with none. With his back against the wall, Angle turned things around and locked in the Ankle Lock on Abyss. With no end to the pain in sight, Abyss was forced to tap out in the middle of the ring, allowing Angle to escape with one title in his possession – the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship.


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