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When Owen Hart Spiked Stone Cold Steve Austin - "I Thought I Was Never Gonna Walk Again"

August 3rd, 1997 is a day Stone Cold Steve Austin will never forget. An Intercontinental Championship matchup was lined up between two seasoned greats, Owen Hart and Steve Austin, two men who knew how to dance in the ring. What was supposed to be a reverse that fed into a pile-driver, led to an amazing gaffe that changed Steve Austin’s life forever. The original plan was for a Tombstone piledriver which is why many speculate Austin positioned his head so. Instead, Owen turned the move into his Hart Driver and the rest is history.

Read about the infamous botch which resulted in a bruised spinal column and temporary paralysis for Austin, and the Blue Blazer Owen Hart.

(Side note: Despite what is often reported, Stone Cold Steve Austin did not actually break his neck during this match. Austin himself has cleared this up numerous times on his Podcast.)

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