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10 Facts About CM Punk's Tattoos

CM Punk has remained one of the most popular names in the wrestling industry over the past decade despite just recently making his return in AEW after seven years away from the ring. Likewise, he is also one of the most unique competitors that have ever made a living in the squared circle.

Punk's tattoos, which fill up most of his upper body, have become synonymous with his image. While many of his tattoos have a deeply personal meaning to Punk, others highlight various aspects of his personality.

10. His Four Aces Tattoo Is A Sign Of Respect Towards Ace Steel

Ace Steel, who has been involved in the professional wrestling industry as a wrestler and coach since the early-90s, trained CM Punk early on in his career. Punk wrestled at Steel Dominion Wrestling School in Chicago, where he began to stand out amongst his peers, largely thanks to the help from Ace Steel.

Punk has a tattoo of four aces on his left arm, which was a tribute to the man who helped him break into the business. He remains friends with Steel, who currently works as a coach with WWE, to this day.


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