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UFC's Swag King: "How Do You Be Like Jorge?"

Jorge Masvidal had a big decision to make.

Because by the time he lost consecutive fights in 2017, Masvidal had already done so much in his career. 

One might even argue that this person who had climbed his way out of poverty, who had already amazingly parlayed $200 paydays earned in backyard streetfights into a full-fledged professional fighting career for the largest and best MMA promotional company on the entire planet, had reached his full potential. 

People had done less with more, after all, so Masvidal would have been well within his rights as a human being to simply rest on those exceptional laurels. 

Instead, though, Masvidal rested in a different way. He retooled and reemerged in 2019 to launch his career into the highest realms of MMA superstardom.

Masvidal became the UFC's King of Swag last year, so, of course, I wanted to ask him how he did it.

"How do you be like Jorge?" Masvidal repeated my question back to me.

And here's what the 35-year-old from Miami told me the way only "Gamebred" could, and maybe how you might be able to take the same lessons he learned into your own life, too.


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